1. Ceremony on the Great Lawn

With over 33 acres of property, we have innumerable locations for your wedding ceremony.  Most popular is the great lawn.  The lawn has been terraced into two levels connected by stone steps. You may opt to use either of the terraces for your ceremony. This, of course, is dependent on your vision and the size of your party.

2. Ceremony in the Barn

Depending on the season, the ceremony can easily be accommodated in various indoor spaces. Tables and chairs for the reception are hidden behind draped curtains to be swiftly put in place once you guests have moved to the cocktail area.

3. Round Tent Pavilion

While both terraces can accommodate tents, it is rather charming to hold the ceremony in a round tent on the lower terrace.  The tent becomes an ornamental folly and pavilion on the lawn.

1. The Seated Dinner

This is, of course, the classic default for entertaining your guests at a luncheon or dinner. It starts with the cocktail hour and the service of hors d’oeuvres.This is followed by a three to four course fully seated meal. If food is your passion, the meal can be extended to a tasting dinner with as many courses as you wish.You determine the seating format. Is it round tables, square tables or dramatic long tables? Even a combination of shapes and sizes can add to the variety.

2. The Moving Supper

Often a client comes to us and says they prefer that their guests are not assigned to tables for the evening. They want their guests up, mingling and dancing. Our Moving Supper starts with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The hors d’oeuvres continue to be served while stations quietly open and guests discover the food variety around the room. The stations are available to the guests throughout the evening. This is a great way to move your guests, create a culinary adventure and cause your guests to mix and meet others.

3. The Standup Dinner

People love the cocktail hour, and some ask if we can serve heavy hors d’oeuvres all evening. No matter how many choices you have, the food repetition gets a bit boring after a couple of hours.We have designed a format that takes the guest through three courses, and each course is articulated in miniature …. and the menu changes entirely every hour. This has been a great hit, allowing greatest flexibility in seating and is, surprisingly, the format in which the guests consume the most food.

1. Rehearsal Dinner

2. Rehearsal Dinner in the Spring Room

3. Wedding Shower

4. Baby Shower

Catering Menu

There is a true synergy in our kitchens…a true excitement in our cooking. Using only the freshest ingredients, our chefs create the finest int eh culinary world. We call our menu a “sampling”, aptly titled, because this sampling only hints at the range of cuisine we are able to create. There are no culinary limits. We design each menu specifically to reflect the taste of each and every client.

Treat yourself to the luxury of complete culinary and service satisfaction. From sumptuous food served by a charming and professional staff to a world of style options.

Imagine the possibilities…we’ll show you more.

Download Printable Menu