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We aspire to offer the finest in dining and event experiences.

With this, our commitment is to provide the safest environment for you to enjoy our services. In these difficult times, our first concern is the safety of our guests and our staff. We continually study all the guidance provided by the PA Governor’s office and the CDC by daily updating all the directives provided. We follow the rules implicitly. There is no compromise when it comes to your safety.

You will find that we are providing spacious dining and we follow absolutely all of the criteria that is available to us. In turn, we ask you, the customer, to follow the same regulations for the comfort of all others. We do require that you wear a mask at all times, except when seated at a dining table. And that you maintain social distancing of 6 feet from others not in your dining party. We record the daily temperature of our staff on entering the building and they serve you wearing masks and gloves. We have established schedules for disinfecting for all appropriate areas and disinfectant wipes are offered at the entrance, in the bathrooms, and on request. We go the extra mile by recording the telephone numbers of all guests in the unlikely need to provide contact tracing.

Please enjoy our offerings at Durham Springs and come knowing that we are hard at work to keep everyone safe.

For more information click to review the guidelines provided by the State of Pennsylvania.

Cascade Room

We want to provide a complete dining experience. Our staff is trained to unobtrusively lead you through a comfortable and leisurely meal. We will seat you at a comfortably sized table with crisp linen, silver flatware and elegant wine glasses. Each table is individually lit for ease in dining.

Cascade Bar

The bar at Cascade is our tribute to the historic Cascade Lodge opened in 1939. Cozy and warm, the bar is also an homage to mid-century style, the period of the old Lodges greatest acclaim. As a further tribute, the walls along the wall are filled with historic black and white photos, images from the 1850’s through to the present.

Spring Room

The Spring Room is a private dining room that accommodates up to 14 guests and houses the wine cellar that is separated from the dining area by a glass wall. A natural spring that flows through the house and into a shallow pool on the floor keeps wines at a cool, steady temperature year-round – the eighteenth-century version of refrigeration.


The Outdoor Deck Reopens in the Spring

The Cafe/Bar Menu was designed to offer a great alternative to tavern dining. The concept is to provide a lighter fare in a more relaxed setting. Most popular in the warmer months when the outdoor deck is opened, the café/bar menu is always offered in the bar.