The Dining Room – Our diners are treated to a carefully composed pre-fixe menu with an offering of three or four courses. Providing a complete dining experience, our staff unobtrusively leads you through a comfortable and leisurely meal. We will seat you at a spacious table with crisp linen, silver flatware, and elegant wine glasses. Each table is individually lit for ambiance and ease in dining.

The Café – For those looking for simpler fare served a la carte, we offer the Café Menu. This is an alternative to the classic tavern menu which includes hearty selections, shareable items, and lighter choices.

Pickup – Our Café Menu also serves as our take out menu available to picked up during the restaurant’s hours. It is necessary to give us notice no later than 5 pm on the day you wish to enjoy.

Our Cuisine – Chef Jon McCain’s meticulous and innovative approach to cooking features clean flavors creating dishes that are not overly busy, enabling the diner to savor the tastes individually. The menu continually evolves reflecting the availability of fresh products and local resources. Many restaurants change menus seasonally, yet not lining up with how vegetables grow or when product is available. We may change a dish or two every week. Our guests can expect a new delight on their next visit.

Cascade Room

We want to provide a complete dining experience. Our staff is trained to unobtrusively lead you through a comfortable and leisurely meal. We will seat you at a comfortably sized table with crisp linen, silver flatware and elegant wine glasses. Each table is individually lit for ease in dining.

Cascade Bar

The bar at Cascade is our tribute to the historic Cascade Lodge opened in 1939. Cozy and warm, the bar is also an homage to mid-century style, the period of the old Lodges greatest acclaim. As a further tribute, the walls along the wall are filled with historic black and white photos, images from the 1850’s through to the present.

Spring Room

The Spring Room is a private dining room that accommodates up to 14 guests and houses the wine cellar that is separated from the dining area by a glass wall. A natural spring that flows through the house and into a shallow pool on the floor keeps wines at a cool, steady temperature year-round – the eighteenth-century version of refrigeration.


The Outdoor Deck Reopens in the Spring

The Cafe/Bar Menu was designed to offer a great alternative to tavern dining. The concept is to provide a lighter fare in a more relaxed setting. Most popular in the warmer months when the outdoor deck is opened, the café/bar menu is always offered in the bar.